Monday, October 16, 2006


I have been working away on this pretty:

I am really happy with how it is turning out. I picked this pattern to go with a jacket for the intended person. I think I can also put the pattern into a hat brim, it will be such a cute combo. This is the commission that I've been working from out of the yarn in this post.

My other commission is more of a secret project so no pics. Pretty much I was doing repair work on some gorgeous handknit Christmas stockings. They are really awesome, but the owner has Christmas plans, so I'm not allowed to talk about them. I know nothing. It all comes from being in a small town where everyone knows everyone.

Other than that I have been really busy. The shop has been really busy. I shopsat on Sunday and didn't have time to even knit, except for maybe one round on my travelling sock. This next week looks pretty busy too, but I am hoping to keep the blog updated on finished objects, knitting, and harvest fest.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you,
Wow! You are amazing turning one pattern into two or three uses. Shock and awe have over taken me. I would not have thought about doing that. I have so much to learn. I read that Sarah was off to the coast too. We should plan a crazy getaway all the cool peeps from KAH. Oh wait! I may not be on the list.... YIKES! hehe