Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 Finished Objects

It's the beginning of the new year. So here is my list of projects from 2009:

Cuddly Baby Sweater
Baby Duck Socks
Super Natural Stripes
Blair's Neckwarmer
Grandma's Blanket
B's Sweater
Toby Mouse
Nautilus Socks
Smokey Autumn Socks
Brick Rib Socks
Kim's Garter
Blair's Socks
Pooling Samples
Frequency Hat
Bridget Socks
Venice Beach Tank Top
Cuddly Bear Cardigan
Stainglass Bag
Darkside Cowl
Purple Socks
Grandma Socks

So that's 21 projects in total. Here is the break down: 5 pairs of women's socks, 4 baby sweaters, 2 cowls, 2 pairs of baby socks, 1 pair of baby booties, 1 felted bag, 1 woman's top, 1 pair of men's socks, 1 garter, 1 toy, and 1 blanket. Not bad for a year's worth of knitting! I can't wait to see what will go on the needles for 2010.

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knitseashore said...


I am catching up on blog posts and want to wish you a belated Happy New Year. I'm so sorry about the loss of your brother. I hope that there are only good things ahead for you and Blair and your business in 2010!