Monday, July 13, 2009

Have a Color-Full Day!

This is the last week before the Color-Full Day dye workshop in Welches, OR! I'm really excited! In fact I am spending all this week winding white yarn for the workshop. It is on this Saturday! There is still room to sign up! So if you are free this weekend and want to learn how to dye yarn in a picturesque mountain setting then make sure to sign up!

In other related news, I finished my Brick Rib Socks in Superwash Sock in color Day at the Fair. The pattern is Gardiner Yarn Works Brick Rib Socks. I love these socks. Well, I love all of my socks! Hand knit socks totally spoil your feet for other socks. I am knitting as fast as I can to get socks ready for Sock Summit. I'm also dyeing lots and lots of sock yarn too. Also, have you seen the Dye for Glory contest on Ravelry? Well I have dyed up a couple of really special colorways, here and here, if you would like a sneak peek! I'll also be talking about them here on the blog. I think I have come up with some really special colorways.

Ok, now back to winding, dyeing, and labeling yarn!


knitseashore said...

Have a wonderful time at the workshop!! I'm so glad things are going well for you both!

Texasknitster said...

Your socks are lovely and I'm so envious. Would love to learn how to dye in a mountain setting but am way to far south to get there! Hope you have a wonderful time.