Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stained Glass Bag

Finally I am done with all of my Christmas Knitting. It only took me until February!

I first gifted this to my mother in it's unfinished state. I only had the bottom left to do and the top ridge and handles. It wasn't so hard to do once I got down to it. The bottom is rounded with smaller and smaller scallops. I just got distracted with a couple of different things.

Though once it was done there were roughly a million ends to sew in. I dutifully sewed in all of the ends for the upper part of the bag, but gave in when I got to the bottom. After all the whole thing was supposed to be felted. I figured at the very worst I could needle felt in any holes. As it happened there weren't any holes at all. I simply had to snip off all of the extra felted ends and the inside looked perfect.

Here is the finished bag in all of its glory! The twisted handle was my mother's idea. I might have made it a bit longer if it was for a functional bag. This pattern was wonderful for eating up all of my extra balls of Noro Kureyon from my stash. I figured out that 4 grams of yarn were needed for each large scallop and even less for the bitty scallops on the bottom. Overall I used 4 different colorways of Noro and I have no idea which ones they were since they no longer had tags. I used Cascade 22o Color #9457 Cobalt, which I had leftover as well. I feel pretty good for knocking a chunk out of my stash while still knitting something really beautiful. The pattern is Felted Stained Glass Fan bag by Madeline Langan (Rav). I definitely recommend it.


Davy said...

Wow, that's beautiful!

Bobbi said...

That's really cool!

Walden said...

Very lovely, that ended up quite nice.