Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bekah Knits

I'm so excited! Remember the moc-a-soc booties I knit? They are just so cute. Anyway, I just got the patterns for the shop, including Bekah Knits whole line.

These are my first set of patterns that are printed and have to be shipped. I found really nice envelopes to ship them in that will keep them safe to your door. There are three different booty patterns (moc-a-soc, merry jane, & sweet pea) in sizes toddler and baby. There is also an adult version of the moc-a-soc that I might have to knit for myself. The last pattern is the duck, daisy & dot baby jingles, which are perfect for any tiny tot. Make sure to check out all of the patterns, it is well worth it!

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