Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On the Needles

I have been keeping busy lately. I have started a few things. So I thought I would share.

First up are the brick rib socks from Gardiner Yarn Works. These are going to be a booth sample for my shows. I just love how the pattern works with they yarn. The long slip stitches break up the colors making it near impossible for any pooling. These socks make me happy. I think I will have to make both of them and have them for the Sock Hop at Sock Summit. How cool would that be? The yarn is my Superwash Sock in Color Day at the Fair.

Next, I have started a sweater for myself out of kauni yarn. I am pretty excited about it. I showed the sample I started in the last post. I decided I would use the 2nd pattern from the bottom. I really love how the two different rectangles interlock and show off the colors. They are just so pretty I have to stop every so often and just stare at my work. I have learned quite a bit and I am learning more as I go. I think I might start a series here on the process I am going through to make the sweater. I don't think I can write up a pattern with sizes for what I am doing, but I can talk through each step I am doing so you can figure out your own sweater.

Lastly I have started the Venice Beach Tank out of Nylon Ribbon in Color Berry Pie. I got the right gauge with the yarn so I thought it would be perfect as a summer top. It is knitting up very nicely. Right now it is my "on the go" knitting because the pattern is really simple and fun to knit. I can chat with my friends and knit away on it. I am making it to fit me, but it will also be a booth sample. I am thinking it will be great for summer, but also really nice over a solid colored turtleneck while it is still cold out.

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