Monday, June 29, 2009

The Woolen Anniversary

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary, which also happens to be the Woolen anniversary. A fact which my dear husband now knows all about. Since our anniversary is on a Monday, we did most of our celebrating over the weekend.

My husband suggested that we go visit Woodland Woolworks. I have been wanting a drop spindle since Black Sheep Gathering last weekend. I kept watching the other vendors there peacefully spinning away on their spindles and it really made me want to spin. So he bought me a pretty spindle and some lovely fiber to go with it. I am going to borrow another spindle from a friend of mine too, so I can try out a couple of different kinds to see what I think. We'll see if it actually sticks, since I have always been very pro-wheel! Oh, and just so you don't think my husband got the short end of the stick we also went by Fry's Electronics and went out for a very tasty lunch at Gustav's. Mmmm...

On with the happy woolen things. I knit my husband a pair of socks! These are knit out of my Superwash Worsted yarn in color Columbia River. The pattern is Gardiner Yarn Works Underwater Basketweaving Socks. I love these socks! They were very quick and easy to knit, which is saying something for my husband's size 12 feet! What really helps is the worsted weight yarn knit on #3US needles. The only downside I had was I ran out of yarn a bit before the toe on the second sock, which meant I had to dye up some more to finish off the socks. Now when Chrissy's new Toe-Up book comes out that will no longer be a problem!

Look! I also got a pair of socks! It only took 3 years, but my husband finally finished this lovely pair of socks for me! I just love them! They fit my feet perfectly and I can't wait to wear them this next fall. I know they will keep my feet toasty warm and I will think of all the love put into them every time I wear them. Blair is actually wearing his socks today to work, which I think is amazing. One thing I can guarantee is that he will love and wear every pair of socks I make for him!

Happy Anniversary Sweet Heart! Lots of love this year and many more to come!


Tammy said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! that is really neat that you both got socks.

Lorajean Kelley said...

Congratulations! So great. You have a lot of patience doing a drop spindle. I think I might go crazy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on seven years of marriage, how appropriate that its symbol is Wool and you knit each other socks. How cool is that! You're husband is a keeper, for sure. A hubby who knits you socks.

I clicked over from the SS/Vendors911 thread on Ravelry after reading your comment about not keeping track of all your customers. It was encouraging to read that as there's been no way I have time to handle that detailed of paperwork but I know vendor/makers who do. Yikes! Please stop by our booth 119. :-)