Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black Sheep 2009

I am home and nearly settled back in from all the excitement of Black Sheep Gathering!

Here is the inside of our booth. It has a slightly different layout because we were lucky enough to be on a corner. I managed to get this shot between groups of people. The booth was filled with happy knitters and spinners most of the weekend. We sold a lot of yarn and patterns. Gardiner Yarn Works was there with me too with all of their lovely samples, including the new ones for Chrissy's Toe-Up book. We had such a blast! I am definitely going to go again next year!

I even had a little time to shop. Donna and I had a lot of fun in the booth. We even gave each other little breaks to go shop and check out the other wonderful vendors. I couldn't resist these beautiful fibers dyed by Capistrano Fibers. I managed to restrain myself pretty well otherwise, mainly by not looking too closely at the Blue Moon or Dicentra booths. There is still OFFF in September, where I am sure I will cave and buy some pretty things from both.

Meanwhile, Blair had a lot of fun visiting every bookstore and 2nd hand store in the Eugene area. He was also on standby for emergencies like printing more of my patterns when I somehow forgot to pack them. He also stopped by the University of Oregon Bookstore and bought me some new color pencils with erasers and a cool case to put them in. I never seem to have an eraser with me when I need one, so these will be a lifesaver. I can pack them in my knitting bag and sketch pattern ideas or new colorways while on the go. How cool is that?

The shop is now open and updated. I need to add in a couple of new colorways and maybe some new yarn. We'll see! Sock Summit is less than 6 weeks away, so I will be spending a lot of time in the dye studio! Also I am teaching a dye class in Welches, OR for Mt Hood Fibers on Saturday, July 18th. If you want to learn all about dyeing pretty yarn and fiber, make sure to check it out and sign up!

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