Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GYW New Patterns!

I think this makes me a designer! Gardiner Yarn Works just released 3 new patterns which were designed by me!

First up is the Cuddly Baby Cardi. This was actually one of my projects I finished up in 2009 that was hush hush! I knit the sample for this myself and just loved it! It is knit out of Manos Cotton Stria, which was the first time I have ever knit out of this yarn! I really loved it. I love the color which says vintage 50s to me!

Next up are the Oak Street Fingerless Gloves. They are named after the main street that runs through my hometown of Hood River. They come in 2 sizes, a M/L size and a XL/XXL size, both in the same pattern!

Lastly there is the Mt Hood Earflap Hat. Named, of course, after the mountain nearest to Hood River. This hat is knit from the top down, making the size and fit easily adjustable to whoever you knit it for. The pattern comes in 3 sizes: Child, medium adult, and large adult.

I have a few more ideas that may be published in the future! It just is so much fun working with such talented people as the Gardiner Yarn Works team! Make sure to check out all of their new patterns.


Anonymous said...

Yvonne that does make you a designer! GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up

CascadeSue said...

How exciting to be published!