Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knitting for Baby

When I knit I like to have 2 projects going at all times. That doesn't include the projects that are "resting". So, 2 active projects. Typically one will be more complex which I knit at home while watching tv. Then my second project will typically be something simple I can take with me to knit groups. This project will be something which won't be messed up if I get to talking and stop paying attention. Since it's getting closer and closer to when the baby will be here (8 weeks left, eep!), I have been knitting mainly baby things.

My complicated project has been this really awesome pair of pants (Ravelry Link) from Dale of Norway. The pattern is called Pusekatt from Dale of Norway book #114. I don't speak Norwegian, but I am assuming that Pusekatt translates to pussy cat or possibly kitten. I'm using Dale of Norway Baby Ull for the yarn, which is always a dream to work with. The only thing I have changed is substituting brown shades for the purple shades called for in the original pattern. I think it looks more boyish this way. This pattern is so much fun to knit. I just can't wait to see each new stripe develop!

Then my easy project is this hoody (Ravelry Link) by Debbie Bliss from her Special Knits book. I've made several of these over the years for other happy babies. This is the 0-3 month size. Most of it is simply knitting and purling, which is great for knitting and chatting at the same time. I wanted to make this because I want something quick and easy to throw over the top of an outfit if it gets cool out. I'm planning on making the bigger size as well, so he will have something to grow into. For yarn I am using Cascade Cash Vero in color #020 Ruby. It's super soft and machine washable!


Lorajean Kelley said...

those pants are amazing! I don't think my brain could do that pregnant!

Bobbi said...

Very nice! And, yes, the Cash Soft is SOOOOO soft. I'm using it right now for Coraline gloves for Kaleigh. It's a pleasure to knit with...pure luxy flowing through the fingers!