Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Annual Blog Contest!

Every year I like to run a little blog contest in honor of my blogiversary, which is January 13th! I really liked what I did last year, so I am going to run the same thing again this year, with a little tweak.

This year:
  • Go to the Colorways Page of the website
  • Pick out 3 of your favorite colorways that you can see knitting any time of the year, this includes the semi-solids colorways too.
  • Post a comment on this post with your 3 favorites
I have some good ideas for prizes, so let the contest begin! I'll announce the winner(s) on January 13th, along with the top color choices.


Two Dollars said...

California Poppy


Jessica Whitney said...

Wow! I was really hard to just three! I could have picked 10!
But, since I have to, here is my top three.
1. Espresso
2. Purple Blackberry
3. Peninah

Happy Blogiversary Yvonne!

Colleen said...

Happy New Year Yvonne,
What a hard choice to only pick three colors, having seen your yarns in person made it that much harder, but I did pick three.
1) Strawberry Shortcake
2) Snapdragon
3) Sugar Plum Fairy

Happy Blogiversary

msubulldog said...

Ooooh, just three. . .

Columbia River


Penny said...

wow. i feel so honoured!

1) Seaturtle.

(expect an order soon, i'm not kidding i'm in my blue/green phase)

I can't choose another. I obviously love peninah, but midnight rose, moss, *any* of your semi solids....


Crystal said...

Midnight Rose
Berry Pie

I would knit the espresso for me, the midnight rose for my friend Barbara and the Berry Pie i will knit for my bff Bonnie

Ruby Banshee said...

My favorites:
Strawberry Shortcake
Pansy Patch

So many good ones to choose from!!!

shortoldlady said...

Happy Blogiversary & many more to come!

1) Moss
2) Wild Violets
3) Forget me Not

sacree said...

bordeaux is prettier in real life... especially the silk, also liked the cherry.... tequila may be next....

thanx for the fun colors....

LizzieK8 said... to choose?????
Mine, Don't Touch!
Child's Play

All are gorgeous!

Susie B said...

Oh my, my stash may have to grow. Just 3, ok.

Jessey said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Mountain Sunset

Karen said...

Mine, don't touch
Monet (already knit with it and LOVED it)
Summer Sky

Happy blogiversary, and it was fantastic to see you and "bubble" :)

PghCathy said...

Happy blogiversay!
I'd choose:

Candy Cane Lane
Autumn Splender

All bright, cheery different from what's outside my windows!

Anonymous said...

i love all your colors. it was very hard to narrow it down to just three. I really love fire fighters, mine dont touch, and mild violets. I would so love to win a skien of your yarn. you have awesome color taste. they mix very well. my email is thank so much for doing this contest. i hope i hear from you.

leasuh said...

i just sent that message above. i just got online last week. so im just learning about things. so im now signed up properly. i love all your colorways. again. i left my top three choices and hope to haer from you in a couple of days.

Mims said...

i love a good excuse to spend some time drooling over favorites are moss, berry pie and mountain sunset. i feel the need to knit sadie something from berry pie or mountain sunset.

Stadtwaldvogel said...

I really love:

Mountain Sunset

Greetings from Germany!