Wednesday, November 04, 2009

B's Sweater

Oh, look, knitting content! I know I haven't posted knitting things in awhile, but I have a good reason for it. 1. I wanted the baby sweater I was knitting for my cousin to be a surprise. and 2. the other thing I have been knitting on looks like a big blob, but is also finished and will be blogged about soon too.

So, what have I been knitting? Well, I have been working on a very special Dale of Norway sweater for my cousin's first baby! I started it well before I even knew I was pregnant, and have been working on it all summer. This was my at home project, because it took a bit more concentrating than I am able to sustain while talking and listening to my wonderful knitting friends. So here it is:

This is all of the finishing. If you want to each of the photos with my comments on each step, including the scary steeking, you can check it out here:

B's Sweater

I made a little modification to the pattern, instead of knitting the hood I added an adorable matching collar, which I much prefer. Also, for errata: in the section for picking up the front it should say pick up 32 sts for every 4". Other than that the pattern was perfect! The pattern is Dale of Norway 16203: Hooded Cardigan by Olaug Kleppe, from Dale of Norway book #162. The book is currently out of print, but sometimes you can find it on ebay or they will sometimes reprint patterns in other books. Although I have only seen this pattern in this book so far. I used the recommended Dale of Norway Baby Ull yarn and even the recommended colors. It is a lovely fine superwash yarn that I simply love to work with, especially for colorwork baby things.

I have cast on for my own little Dale of Norway project. This one isn't colorwork, so it is knitting up much faster. As soon as I can snap some photos of it I will make sure to share it. I just love baby knitting!

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