Saturday, December 05, 2009

500 and a Tree Hunt

Of all things, I noticed that this is my 500th post! I tried to think up something really cool for my 500th, but my mind went totally blank. Maybe I'll do something extra special for my blogiversary next month. So, instead how about we have some pretty pictures from our tree hunt today? Yay!

Blair found the perfect tree right off the bat! It was awesome! We just started looking around when we found a tree that somebody else had cut down earlier and discarded. This isn't exactly smiled upon in the tree hunting rules, but it happens. The tree looked just fine to us, only a little tall. So we trimmed a bit off the bottom and adopted it as our own!

Soon, my parents found a good tree. They are far more picky about things like symmetry and spacing of branches than we are. Their trees are always beautiful, while ours have a little more character. You can view our trees from 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Molly had a lot of fun wandering around exploring everything. My mom made her a couple of polar fleece jackets, which she just loves during the cold weather months.

Lastly, we need some knitting content! I posted awhile ago that I had knit a Neckwarmer for Blair. Well, I finally got a picture of him wearing it! It kept his nose and chin very warm. He kept moving it between warming his neck and warming his nose. I might take it back out and make it long enough to cover his neck and face, but I'll have to get his final word on it before I decide. Most of the time he folds it over on his neck because he doesn't like it too long.

One last note: I received a message from my website without a return email address. It was as follows:
i would like to order roving for my niece who has just started spinning. could you tell me what quantity of roving to buy, to make leg warmers for a teenager
To answer, I would say 4 oz would probably be enough, but mileage may vary. As in depending on how fine the fiber is spun into yarn will determine how much of it there is to knit. If it is spun at a bulky weight probably more like 6-8oz, whereas there would definitely be more than enough yarn with 4oz of sock weight yarn.

Hopefully, this message gets back to whoever left it on the website. Also, any added advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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