Monday, December 21, 2009

Early Christmas

I am so blessed by all of my great friends and family. Here is a little proof of how awesome they are:

First up the lovely ladies of Knot Another Hat put together a little yarn package for me. Included was 3 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca's Organic Cotton (the blue yarn in the back), a pattern to go with it, and then a skein of Cashmere 5 yarn (the purple in the front). It all came with a lovely note explaining how I can think of my brother while I knit pretty new things for my new little one to come. I really believe that we put happy thoughts into our projects as we knit them, so I totally plan on doing that as I make my baby little sweaters.

So, what of the red ornament kit to the side? Well, Knot Another Hat also had their December Knit Night with gifts for everyone. I received the lovely ornament kit. It is just perfect, because for next Christmas I am planning a soft baby friendly Christmas tree. This is one of the many reasons why I love and support my local yarn shop!

Next early Christmas present is from my husband! He got a brand new phone, so I got his old one! He also signed me up for a data plan. So now I can check my mail on the go, which means staying connected with LavenderSheep no matter where I am! I'm still getting used to all of the new features, but so far it has been a whole lot of fun! The phone is the G1 Android phone, in case you were curious.

Lastly I will leave you with a picture that makes me smile! This is Blair with his wild winter hair! We had a few dry days in there and his fro puffed up extra huge. He also won't let me cut it because he doesn't want his head to be cold, so for now the wild hair stays!

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