Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting!

This year we ended up just going with my parents. Still an adventure in an of itself!

Here is our tree in the wild! Blair and I are very quick in choosing our tree. In fact if it is bent or leaning all the better. We think it adds character. As long as it can hold up the ornaments that is all we really need. Also, this year was really green. It didn't have anywhere near the snow as last year.

Here is the family trying to put my parent's tree up on their roof. My parents, on the other hand, are very particular about the symmetry and lack of leaning in their tree. They hunt around until they find just the right tree. Oh, and that tarp did not stay on for long! The weather was pretty rainy, which turned into snow. It just wasn't cold enough to stick while we were up there. I was thankful that we found our tree quickly and could sit in the warm car while they continued to hunt. I knit on Jayne hats in warmth and comfort, since it was Sunday when we went out.

Here is our tree all decorated. Blair and I had a blast decorating the tree. It is upstairs this year instead of in our living room. I have turned the upstairs of the house into a dye studio and craft room. Blair has part of it. It isn't entirely finished, but when it is I will make sure to give you guys a tour. I have ideas that will encompass dyeing, knitting, spinning, and sewing. It will be so awesome! I love that our tree can be a part of it. I now need to knit stockings for the mantle piece for us and maybe do a wee bit more decorating. I think it has finally done the trick for making me realize that it actually is the holiday season!

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teabird said...

This may sound odd, but the colours in the first picture would make an amazing colourway.....