Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!

The snow is finally melting here, be that good or bad. We now have flood warnings, but we are up high enough that it shouldn't effect us. The melting also means that the snow is extra heavy and our car now sinks. Yesterday we had quite an adventure. We got out just fine, but on the way home it took us roughly an hour to go the last 50ft of our street to our driveway. It has melted even more today, so we shall see if we can get out.

In much more cheerful news, I got some very pretty things from my family for Christmas. Looks like this year is the year of the sheep! Lots of cute sheepy things that fill my heart with glee! Our big gift this year is actually a brand new couch. We asked for money towards it and that was part of our adventure yesterday. As soon as the weather has completely cleared our street then it will be delivered. This should give us just about enough time to clear out the space and move the old couch up to my studio-in-progress!

Now back to knitting for the last few gifts to wrap up! I hope everyone is staying warm and dry! Also don't forget that this is the last week for free shipping in the shop! January means a new sale thing and my annual blog contest, so please stay tuned!

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