Friday, December 12, 2008

A Little Holiday Knitting!

I have been working on some other projects, besides the Jayne Hats. All of them are in preparation for the holiday season!

These were super quick to knit up! I just love them! I used my Superwash Worsted Yarn in Color Dark Sugarplum Fairy. The pattern is the always wonderful Seeded Rib Wristwarmers by Chrissy Gardiner. Since the yarn is a little on the light side of worsted I used a #8US instead of the called for #9US. It makes the mitts a little smaller, but they fit a woman's hands just perfectly. I know the person I am knitting them for will just love them! They only used less than 1/2 of a skein of yarn so I can knit another pair for myself!

Next up on the gift knitting is a canning jar cozy. One of our friends that works with Blair loves to carry water or hot tea around in a canning jar. He loves them because they are made from glass so they don't have the potential harm found in plastics. I thought it would be pretty cool to make him a cozy. This should make tea drinking much easier! It should save his hands from being burnt and keep his tea warm much longer. I might even write up the pattern and offer it free! The yarn used is Henry's Attic Inca Organic Cotton.

Pretty much I am just knitting away! I have a few things in progress that I should be able to show you in the next week. I think I am finally down to the last few projects for Christmas!

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Penny said...

i love the canning jar cozy! I'm seeing more people here switch to glass...

the mitts are gorgeous. i love 2 for 1 skein projects. ;)