Saturday, September 09, 2006


I have gotten a few questions about my request for yarn. So here we go:

Karen asks:
Is there a particular fiber you are looking for? Are they going to learn dishcloths (I'll send cotton), scarves (I'll send something snuggly) or something else?
I think just about any fiber will do. Wool or snuggly would probably be the most practical since we are heading into winter, but I am sure that they can learn on anything. Their teacher wants them to do a final project for charity such as Chemo caps or preemie caps for the local hospital or squares for an afghan. I'm sure that they would also probably like to make Christmas presents as well since the term ends right around there.

Anne asks:
Can I send some yarn from the uk?
We'll accept yarn from anywhere. I think I forgot to mention a deadline for the drawing and since today is September 9th, I think a good due date would be Sunday, October 15th. That way there is a little over a month for international senders to send in yarn as well.

Karen asks:
What gauge of yarn are you looking for? I've got a load of acrylic that was gifted to me by a family member and I'm a bit of a yarn snob, so I thought I'd send it your way, but some of it is the normal red heart, some is wool-ease, and some is baby yarn.
I think any yarn size will work. Acrylic is fine too. I learned on acrylic, but have since become a yarn snob myself. I happened to offload that part of my stash years ago to a charitable organization. Also, it is good for preemie baby things because it is hypo-allergenic usually. Send it our way!

Tasha Asks:
Is there a deadline for the yarn donations? Also, are you accepting knitting needles?
The deadline is October 15th. We will accept knitting needles too. Sarah donated US size 9s, so I am sure that they could use more if you want to send them.

As a last note Sarah is going to donate a $20 gift certificate to Knot Another Hat, which will be usable with her website. She has pretty much everything on her website that is in her store, so there are plenty of choices. So there will be a drawing for my skein of yarn and a drawing for her gift certificate.

Tomorrow (Monday) I will be back to my normal posting with updates on the call for yarn as things come in. Keep the questions coming I'll answer anything you send (about the call for yarn).


Sabrina Hirsch said...

Oh Vonnie, you are so sweet, I have some yarn for you, even being a new knitter myself!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the additional info! I'll get my box out probably tomorrow, depending on my 3-year-old's temperment. :)

Amy Davis-O'Malley said...

Hey, I got to your blog through the Yarn Harlot (I think) and went immediately into my room and put together a box of yarn that will be on it's way to you later in the week. Funny, I'm a new knitter too - you know those first purchases (this is cool - and it's on sale, I KNOW I'll use it - not!)

m. said...

I'm going to go raid my stash now to see what I can donate. :)