Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Urban Camping

So, we didn't quite make it camping this weekend. We were both tired and it was like 1pm and we still weren't packed up. So I called my mom instead and we took our supplies over to my parents and had a bbq instead. I even took pictures, but for some reason the camera has decided to hide from us. We know it is somewhere between my parents house and ours, so I know we will find it eventually. The big thing that made it urban camping is that we experimented with roasting marshmallows over the bbq. With all of the fires happening around here there is a fire ban, so we don't think that we could even have had a campfire. Which isn't that the whole point of going camping? Anyway, the bbq worked pretty well to roast marshmallows. A few of them even instantaneously ignited without ever touching the flame. Luckily those are my favorite kind!

Since I can't share with you our outdoor adventure photos, I'll share a couple of projects that I just finished up!

First up is another baby sock for my OFFF booth! This one is out of my Tencel yarn. I just have a silky sock left to knit and then I will have a full set of all of my sock yarns knit up! I really love how the Tencel knits up. It is a little shiny and very soft. I know that any baby foot would love to have a pair of these socks, not to mention those of the adult variety.

My other project I finished up is this pair of girl mitts! I just love them! I have been procrastinating on finishing them. For the last 2 months the only thing they needed was the fingers. I finished them in about an hour. Which is definitely a tsk tsk to me! The pattern is my Girl Mitts pattern and the yarn is my Superwash Sock yarn in Color Provence. I can definitely see myself wearing them this fall. One of these lucky mitts will also be on display at my OFFF booth.

Website news: I have added a couple of new things to the site. I have changed the yarn page so that yarns that are available have a color picture and ones that are sold have an undyed picture. So fitting I think! I have also added a couple of items to the sale page. I should be adding stuff everyday, so keep a look out for new things!


ahousefullofboys said...

Hey There! I can't remember what I told you I would knit up as a booth sample for your OFFF. Will you refresh my memory and tell me what I need so I can get going for you. Chat soon.. Des

Unknown said...

Just now doing come blog catching up--where did you get the baby sock blockers? Too cute!

LavenderSheep said...

I made the baby sock blockers myself. They are available in kits with yarn, blockers, and pattern:


I hope you like them!