Friday, July 18, 2008

Fire on the Mountain!

It seems to be that time of year again when all the fires seem to break out. This year, though the fire is towards Mt Adams. A good thing for us because we have not only have plenty of miles of land between us, but we also have the Columbia River between here and there. Though that probably isn't such a good thing for my friends that live on that side of the river.

I first noticed the smoke cloud when I was down knitting at Knot Another Hat. That place is a hub of information! At first our group thought it was simply a thundercloud coming over the hill. However, with different customers coming in we soon learned that it was a smoke cloud. From the direction I worried that it was actually Mt Adams blowing ash out, but a couple of phone calls from me to my hubby and from friends to the shop we soon learned that it was a forest fire in front of Mt Adams. More customers came through from Portland saying that they could really see it when they drove in. For more info I found this handy dandy video off of The Oregonian's website.

Since all the air has been filled with smoke the past couple of days from the fire I have been doing more indoor things, like knitting and spinning. I have been working away on this lovely entrelac scarf. It is knit out of my Silky Worsted yarn in color California Poppy. I am about 50% done with it at the moment. I adapted my entrelac scarf pattern for worsted weight, so it will work with this scarf. My plan is to offer the pattern free with a purchase of 2 skeins of the yarn. I have a lot of this yarn dyed up, so it should be available in the shop soon. I am nearly through the first ball of the yarn, so I know it will definitely take 2. I think the finished measurements will be 6" x 72", so plenty of scarf to wrap around once or twice. I like this yarn a lot. It is a little nubbly from the tussah silk. It just has this soft cottony feel to it that I know will be nice and warm come this fall and winter.


teabird said...

Very pretty - the pattern and the yarn!

Ruby Banshee said...

I love that yarn and pattern together. Super cool.