Friday, September 02, 2011

New! Plover Design Shawl Pins

Two new Shawl pin designs from Plover!

This first design is an S. Simple, yet stylish. It is available in Copper and Aluminum. If you would like to purchase it in Silver, let me know, I can have it shipped straight to you from the artist himself!

Next up is Design #10. It works the same way as the S, only with an extra squiggle in the middle. It is also available in Aluminum and Copper. Contact me if you want Silver (same as above).

I also had the opportunity to photo all of the shawl pins on shawls outside. One of the biggest questions we get at shows is how they work, and now you can see just that for all of the designs. Of course there isn't a right or wrong way to use the pins, these are just suggestions to get you started!

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