Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Gardiner Yarn Works Patterns!

That's right! I have a whole bunch of new patterns fresh from Gardiner Yarn Works!

There are 6 new sock patterns including the Hurricane Socks, pictured above. There are 3 other awesome new sock patterns too! They are: the Flamethrower Socks, the Cabled Lace Socks, and the Trident Lace Socks! I actually got to see all of these fabulous socks in person at The Knit & Crochet Show and they are really awesome. I actually was hoping that I would have them available soon. As soon as I got home I saw the email saying that the patterns were available! So I just had to get them up as quickly as possible to share with you guys!

This pattern is the absolute cream of the crop! I just drooled when I saw it at the show. It is so delicate and gorgeous. They knit it out of a silk lace that is easily substituted by my own silk lace yarn. Unfortunately all of my silk lace yarn is at the show right now, but I am definitely going to have to dye more this fall to pair up with this beauty! You can also custom order it and take advantage of the 10% discount through September. This pattern is the Kiwassa Shawl. It is joined by the Amethyst Wrap as the two new gorgeous shawl patterns!

So take your time and look through the new patterns! They are definitely worth it. Also, all of them should be available in paper format at our booth at Oregon Flock & Fiber!

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