Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy September!

September means a lot of things to me. First off there is the back to school and the back to wool knitting. I also start all of my Christmas knitting in September. However this September brings something new and fantastic and a little scary, my first show where my yarn is for sale. Not only one show but two shows! First off is The Knit & Crochet Show at the Convention Center in Portland September 12, 13, 14 then two weeks later there is Oregon Flock and Fiber in Canby, OR September 27 & 28. Understandably I have been dyeing yarn like crazy in preparation for both big events. With all of this going on I had a really hard time deciding what I should put on sale for September and here it is:

If you print off this coupon you can bring it to my OFFF booth and I will give you 10% off. I also think this is an awesome way for me to get a chance to meet all of you in real life. However, I know that not all of you are here or are able to make it to OFFF, so I am giving 10% off on all custom orders. That means pretty much all yarns are 10% off! The only little catch is that I am going to spend most of my time for the month of September dyeing stuff for the shows, so custom orders will be finished in October. Also most of the yarn will be taken out of the shop in about another week, so if you want something make sure to buy it before it is all taken to the shows! All patterns will remain in the shop and will be shipped as normal!

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