Thursday, February 16, 2006

KO: Day 5 & 6: Too busy to Knit

Row: 88
I did take a pic yesterday, even though I did not have time to post it up. We had a meeting with the tax accountant. We wouldn't even have to worry about taxes this year if it wasn't for winning a new 2006 Ford Mustang (anyone want to buy it?). After that we ended up running errands. So, here is where I was at the end of day 5: Rows: 77

Here is the progress from yesterday: I got to row 88 and I am almost done with the major cable for the time being until I get up to the one that goes in the center. I just feel like this sweater is not really progressing, like I am going to be on the body for the rest of eternity. I have actually been having nightmares about cabling forever and not getting anywhere. *sigh* back to knitting

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