Saturday, February 11, 2006

KO: Day 1

Progress for Day 1: Rows : 20
I am only 7 rows from finishing the ribbing, so far so good.

I think that I have figured out a plan of attack. Here goes:
Day 1: 15 rows (because it is a 1/2 day)
Day 2: Row 45
Day 3: Row 75
Day 4: Row 105
Day 5: Row 130
Day 6: 1/2 of Back
Day 7: Finish Back
Day 8: 1/2 of Front
Day 9: Finish Front
Day 10: 1/2 sleeve 1
Day 11: Finish sleeve 1
Day 12: 1/2 sleeve 2
Day 13: Finish sleeve 2
Day: 14: Neckband
Day 15: Finishing
Day 16: Done

I know it looks insane, but I think it is the only way that it will get done. I am hoping that I can go a little faster so that I have room for any mistakes or things like that. I know that I am just going to cry if I have to undo any of it. So, I have my game plan and my friends can now mock me for being this organized, but it will be fun. I am enjoying it so far and I have managed to get my husband up and working with his mittens at the same time. So, that's all for today. See ya tomorrow.

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Knot Another Hat said...

I know where you are headed:

Round room.....rubber walls....soft food with no utensils.................