Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Busy, Busy, Evil Day

Well, I got up this morning and was so happy that I was getting a head start on my knitting for the Olympics. Also, I wanted to get a bit done because I got somebody who wanted me as a private tutor this afternoon, which is so awesome, since I love to teach and especially love being paid to teach. I also love people who think that I am a good teacher and would actually come 2 hours one way in order to get me to teach them how to increase and decrease. Woohoo!

Ok, back to the doom and despair. So, not to long after Blair had gotten up I thought I would ask him to clean my keyboard since it was icky. (sorry Asher for not talking to you earlier, but all the keys were on the floor in a pile). So, I went to go back into the back room and there was a mysterious puddle on the floor. We could not find the source. We looked all over the place both up and downstairs, when we realized that the carpet in the back room was wet too. We called mom and all hell broke loose. Apparently we have a leak, we aren't sure exactly where, but it is wet and we have no water. Mom showed up and surprise surprise she had her twin sister in tow. I just really wish that I could have had just a wee bit of warning. I don't care if she doesn't tell me that they are visiting her, but the simple politeness of just telling me that she is coming over too would be very helpful. For one thing it wouldn't give me that sudden knot to my stomach that comes with the sudden sight of somebody is a) doesn't like me b) is hypercritical c) is super paranoid and d) makes a big friggin' deal over every little thing. So my stomach was in total knots, so I went down to teach thinking of the relief I would get. It was a relief, thank goodness. Then I came back and back came the stomach knot. Oh and Bob appeared, my lovely aunt's super annoying husband. Let's just say that the pair of them make all the things listed above grow exponentially over time. Thank goodness that it was my knitting night. I got a lovely break, and even some work on my sweater. I felt much better and hopefully we can actually get a plumber over here tomorrow. (don't ask)

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Fyberduck said...

you poor thing!!

[and I forgive you ;)]