Friday, February 03, 2006

Baby Sweater

Here is the back to my baby sweater. I love baby clothes because they go so very fast. Makes me just thrilled to get so much done. My next pick is the front of my sweater. I got all of this done while down at Knot Another Hat this afternoon. it makes me quite proud, even if the pattern does drive me crazy for it's weird way of putting things. I think that I might just be overthinking things, because I never really trust that pattern makers are completely competent, but that's me and probably past experience.

After moving and such this past week I am finally back to spinning my wonderful llama for my husband's sweater. Only one week to the Olympics, so I really hope I get it done and a guage swatch. I think that I am going to rewrite the pattern so that it is in the round and will go faster. I am really thinking that it is insane to want to knit a man's sweater in that short a period of time, but I think that I might actually manage it. Who knows?

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Fyberduck said...

I'm tagging you! In the spirit of the KO... Post it on your blog ;D

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