Friday, February 24, 2006

KO: Day 13: Waterlogged

Ok, actually we are quite dry. The pipes are fixed and hopefully we will have new carpet soon and new sheetrock, but all is good. In the midst of all this chaos I actually got some work done on my sweater. At least the main bit (lighting is terrible here):

I am so happy that it fits him and that he likes it so far. I still have the rest of the sleeves to do. I have probably 1/4 done on one and I am going to work diligently to get the rest of the 1 3/4 done before the end. I am not sure that I will get done in time for Olympic gold, but I will definately get done for Knot Another Hat's gathering on Wednesday. So all is good for now. I will try to keep you updated on my progress.


Fyberduck said...

can I just say "wow"???

It looks gorgeous! I think I shall have to steal it from Blair when I visit ;)

Myst Dragon said...

Keep your mittens off my sweater!