Sunday, February 12, 2006

Change of Plans

Ok, so I have been thinking about this and due to a math error, I am changing my schedule:

Day 1: 15 rows (because it is a 1/2 day)
Day 2: Row 45
Day 3: Row 75
Day 4: Row 105
Day 5: Row 130
Day 6: Row 160
Day 7: Finish Back
Day 8: Finish Front
Day 9: 1/2 sleeve 1
Day 10: Finish sleeve 1
Day 11:1/2 sleeve 2
Day 12: Finish sleeve 2
Day 13: Neckband
Day: 14: Finishing
Day 15: Done
Day 16: Extra Day!


Anonymous said...

ilove love love your yarn. handspun is just so distinctive. great job, keep up the great job. my dream, to spin enough to knit a sweater!

Lavendersheep said...

It is a dream of mine too. One of these days I will manage a whole sweater, but this doesn't look like it will be the one.