Monday, June 17, 2013


Yes, Baby F is getting a lot of knitting attention these days. Why not? It is her birthday week. Can you believe she is already a year? We are also headed off to Black Sheep and I can't wait!

I finished these adorable leggings (rav link) for her! Twisted Sisters is selling a kit with a onesie and a 50g skein of yarn. From experience I know it is really difficult to match a wool based yarn to a cotton fabric. So when I saw these I knew I could do it myself, but it would be a lot of work. Besides I love trying out other dyer's yarn! It's so fun!

The set comes with pattern options like a hat and booties and such. One of my friends mentioned knitting a set of leg warmers out of the yarn. I thought what a great idea! So I set about measuring my wiggly baby and making up my own pattern. I made them a little big so she can wear them for awhile. I'm guessing they are a 12 month size. They took up exactly the skein of yarn. I have just a tiny bit leftover, so I'm glad I made them when I did! Any bigger and I would have had to buy more yarn!

Here she is posing thoughtfully with a couple of blocks. I kinda like the bunched up look the outfit has right now. I now she will grow into them in no time. Not to mention walking around with them! I'm hoping they will last at least into fall. I'll try to remember to get more photos of her wearing them then!

The blog may be quiet for a little while. We are off to Black Sheep this week and then there is all the unpacking and post-show mayhem. I'm also finishing up a sock club order for July. I'll post more about it when I'm sure everyone in the club has their yarn. I really love the color I came up with for it and can't wait for it to be released back to me so I can add it to the collection!

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