Monday, June 10, 2013

Amelie Dress

Last week I showed off this picture of F and her bunny. The dress is also something new I finished. 

The pattern is Amelie Dress (rav link) by Louisa Harding for her book Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. I actually have knit quite a few patterns from this book. I highly recommend it. The yarn is the same Little Lehigh Pebbles I knit the bunny sweater out of. I love this yarn!

The dress itself has actually been finished for awhile, but I couldn't decide on exactly how I wanted to finish it. I thought about pockets or the knitted flowers from the pattern. In the end I felt a few simple embroidered flowers were just perfect.

The last little finishing touch were these buttons I found awhile back on the sale table at the Button Emporium. They were a $1 for 5! I couldn't pass them up!

Overall, I love this pattern and I plan on making more for the girl child!

Edited to add: The book (in e-book form) this pattern is from is now on sale for $10.17 on Interweave's site through June 23rd. Check it out here:

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