Monday, June 03, 2013

Bunny Love

I actually started bunnies for both of my kids for Easter. I finished the bodies, but then procrastinated on finishing them up. I don't know why when they turn out so very cute!

The pattern is called Hop (rav link) and is by Susan B Anderson for Blue Sky Alpacas. It, of course, calls for their yarn. I chose to do a bit of stash diving and used two discontinued yarns. The body of the rabbit is knit out of Inca Cotton, which I used to carry. I can still get the white, but the other organic colors have been discontinued. Then the body is knit out of Little Lehigh Pebbles. A yarn put out by Kraemer. I simply love it for baby things. It came in this huge ball which retailed for under $5. When it was discontinued a couple of years ago I stocked up. So now that I have kids it is getting put to use!

Here is the little miss with her rabbit. It is just the perfect size for her to grab and take along with her. Now I just need to finish up her brother's!

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