Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Workshop Wednesdays: Eeek! Steeks!

I have talked about Mary Scott Huff before for her workshop Stranded in Your Socks in this post. Mary is a wonderful and incredibly fun person to be around. Her classes are simply amazing! In the Eeek! Steeks! class Mary walks you through 3 different ways to create a steek. What are Steeks? Well, steeking is the act of cutting your knitting after you have knit it. It comes in handy for a lot of things, especially color knitting. Color knitting is easier to do in the round, but on sweaters you have to divide for sleeves or even for the front of a cardigan. Steeking makes it possible to knit these things in the round and then cut afterwards. Mary recently posted about the process of doing it to knit 2 sleeves at the same time for her Queen Bee Cardigan. You can read about it here! I did a bit of steeking myself on a baby sweater here and another baby sweater here! Once you try it out you will see so many possibilities!

For more information on Eeek! Steeks, check out here:

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I'm signed up, and really looking forward to it. When do we find out about homework?