Monday, March 26, 2012

Swirling Along

I have been feeling a little lately like my knitting is out to get me. Maybe it is from being super busy with the show or maybe being pregnant, or maybe both! It's just little stuff, for the most part. Like I will look for a ball of yarn I need, which was there just a second ago, and suddenly it isn't there. Eventually I find it, but it seems to be happening a lot lately. My biggest knitting disaster lately was this mess:

I realized after I had finally reached the 15 welt on my Swirl that I had somehow moved the beginning marker when I joined it in the round. So I had 5 less stitches in the first section and 5 more stitches in the last section. Now Swirl is pretty forgiving as far as mistakes go, but not this one. The beginning and end means that the collar would be lopsided. The more I thought about it the more I realized I couldn't ignore the problem. So I painstakingly dropped enough stitches from the top all the way down to the first decreases then carefully picked it all back up again. I will say a big shout out to my addi turbo lace clicks set (which are the most awesome things ever), for saving me a lot in this endeavor! Using the set I was able to take off the tips and join the cord completely in the round using a connector piece. Then I used my tips and a short cord to knit my way back up the sweater. The above photo shows my progress. I think any unevenness will sort itself out when it is finally blocked.

Here is the sweater, good as knew! I'm almost to the sleeves! I plan on shortening the sleeves up a bit. It's a good thing Sandra McIver just posted a tutorial on achieving desired sleeve length a couple of weeks ago! I think I will need it!

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