Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Knitting!

I have knitting to share! I have actually been knitting quite a bit lately. It feels so good to get back to it. Especially since Christmas is coming closer all the time!

First up is a bunny hat for Mim's baby Sadie. I just love this hat. The pattern is from Itty Bitty Hats. I knit it out of debbie bliss baby cashmerino in color #608 Lilac. The yarn is slightly smaller than what is called for. At least I wanted a tighter gauge than what was called for, so I knit these on 6s. I followed the largest size for stitch count, which came out to the measurements around as the 6 month size. So I followed the 6 month size for length. It was super easy to make. I would definitely make it again. I just love how cute it is! The only thing I left out was the bunny tail on the back. This is because the baby is so new. I was afraid that it would poke the back of her head, since she obviously isn't sitting up quite yet. I would definitely add it for an older baby that sits up. I have heard from Mims and it has been a great success. She sent me a photo, but I won't add it without her permission.

Second gift is a lovely sweater for my friend Amy's cocker spaniel Maggie. Maggie gets so cold in winter, because she is shaved. Amy asked me for a sweater way back in February, but I was a little busy with baby knitting, so I didn't get to it. However, November 1 is Maggie's birthday, so I got it done in time for that! The pattern is from Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick. I knit it out of Nashua Creative Focus Superwash in Black for the edging. The main body is my Superwash Worsted in Color Bad Girl. It took a little over 1/2 a skein of yarn of the Superwash Worsted. Which means that the whole thing could be knit out of less than one skein. How cool is that? I think if I knit it again I will do steeks for the leg holes. That way there wouldn't be the pooling that is caused by knitting back and forth for the leg holes. Thanks to Amy for the awesome photo of Maggie. I just love how it matches her collar!

This weekend Blair and I headed out to some of the different farms in the area for Heirloom Apple Days. I only got a couple of photos, but Amy has a good post of all the things we did with lots of pretty pictures.

In shop news: I have every skein of yarn listed in the shop now. I am working on photos and getting detail pages for each one. Sorry it is taking me so long. I am currently buried under tons of yarn for the Knit/Purl Sock Club. It is coming right along, but it does keep me busy.


Anonymous said...

I love that baby hat to bits.

Mims said...

you are more than welcome to add the photo i sent you if you'd like to. the hat gets rave reviews everytime she wears it!