Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oregon Flock & Fiber - Pretty Purchases

I was very good this year! I only bought a couple of things that I couldn't resist, but overall kept my shopping to a minimum.

First up I had to buy some roving from Dicentra Designs. Her giant balls of roving always draw me in. Somtime I think I might have to try dyeing in mass quantity like that, if only to have a giant ball of roving to myself! I also found out at the show that she now has an Etsy shop, so I can be tempted by her things year round now!

After that I ventured near the Blue Moon booth. I was very very good. I was very tempted to buy many of their colors, but I told myself firmly that I have lots of their yarn in the stash and that I must knit some of it up before I buy anything else. So I only bought the Yarn Harlot's two new patterns for baby sweaters. They are just too cute!

Ok, this may look like I fell off the wagon and bought Blue Moon yarn anyway, but that isn't entirely the case. Actually my husband needed to use the bathroom so I told him where it was. Then I hinted that Blue Moon was in the very same building and that they happen to take credit cards. So this yarn is actually Blair's! hehe. He said that I could have some of it if I like. I think the middle skein will definitely go into his sock stash and I will make him some socks out of it. It is the least I can do for all the wonderful help he gave me over the weekend.

Lastly a friend of ours that works with Blair just got back from the UK. He tried very hard to find yarn from the UK to bring back for me, but all he could find was this yarn that was imported from New Zealand. It is Black Hills NZ Yarn. I think it is really awesome! I am thinking kilt socks to keep with the whole UK theme. I am thinking either this pattern or this pattern.

In other news: Blair and I are heading to the beach this next week. So all orders will be shipped after I get back. Patterns will be shipped as normal. I should be able to blog from the beach. It is supposed to be rainy (ie typical Oregon Coast weather), so I am expecting lots of knitting time!

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penny said...

have a wonderful time on the coast. i actually love grey beach days best.