Thursday, May 18, 2006

Playing Possum

For awhile we have been talking about possum yarn down at Knot Another Hat. Somebody came in and asked about it and I think another person actually had some. Something like that. Well, then we were pondering what a possum really looked like, Sabrina (she owns So Much Fun next door to KAH) says that they are truly adorable. So then we were pondering how they collected the fiber, my theory being that like bunny rabbits where it is plucked or shed. Of course that is the "family friendly" version, apparently reality is not that nice. So, Krafty1 actually has the answer. She did some research, so if you want to know more about possums go and check out her post.

These are my Socks that I knit for Knot Another Hat out of Aktiv Effekt. They are also my May socks for Sock a Month, which makes me very happy. They are so pretty and I got lots of compliments on them. Everybody thought that the yarn was truly amazing in that it did all that striping all on it's own. I was also amazed that I had so much yarn left over. I weighed it and there was 42 grams left! I gave it back to Sarah so that she could make little socks for her daughter.

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Jen Hagan said...

Hey, we have a common friend. I love the Sarah!