Monday, January 24, 2011

Spotlight on Aquitaine Beaded Cuffs

I wanted to do a short series on some of the classes I feel are being overlooked for the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival. I feel a particular love of the Aquitaine Beaded Mitts Workshop because I am providing the yarn for the class. For the class you get a full skein of yarn in your choice of 4 colors of my Tencel Sock yarn, plus the beads to make a pair of mitts. The fees for the materials are only $24, which is actually less than purchasing a single skein of yarn from my shop. There is enough yarn in a skein to complete 2 pairs of mitts. So you are getting a real bargain there.

What I also love about this class is working with Sivia Harding. I have had so much fun chatting with her over yarn choices and color choices and bead choices. Believe me, I really wish I could take this class myself. I definitely plan on taking it sometime with her when I'm not managing the show at the same time. There is still lots of space in this class, so take a look at it and if you haven't already, go and sign up!

I also wanted to post on here some rather sad news. In case you haven't already heard about it, Mary Scott-Huff had the sweaters from her latest book stolen out of her car along with the gifts for her daughter's 12th birthday. Please take the time to read her blog post and keep an eye out for the sweaters she lost!

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dacg said...

I love the beads..haven"t tackled that as yet. Do wish I was closer to be there for cclasses..and yes I read on the Knitty Blog about the theft. Hopefully they will be returned...
Of course I ordered more...