Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Colors!

I have 3 new colors to show off!

The first color is Mountain Sunset Blaze. I first had this color requested through my order form. After I created it I had another person that loved it so much that she requested it too. I figure with that much interest that I should add it to my permanent collection of colors. You can request it through my order form!

The second color is Lemon Lime, which I have been meaning to dye up for awhile. It is also secretly known as the Duck colorway, since I went to U of O. I really like how it turned out. It is so tangy and filled with school spirit. You can request it through my order form!

The last color is Bordeaux. This one was a color mistake. I accidentally dyed it while trying to dye another color. I just loved how it turned out, so I decided to keep it and name it. Woolgirl should have it in her shop very shortly!

I actually did a count and I have over 50 colorways right now!

Monday I am going to announce a very special contest, so please stay tuned!


Penny said...

Gorgeous!! Bordeaux is a wonderful mistake! ;)

Amy L said...

I love the Bordeaux! That was a happy accident.