Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh, Jayne!

Apparently this is going to be the year of the hat!

So this last week the official notice went out for the Google Holiday party. I had been planning out my pretty clothes for a good week or two before this, so boy was I surprised when they told us that there it will be a western theme, including mechanical bull and poker tables. I had no idea what I would do. Then an addendum came to the email saying that Firefly counts as western! I was so thrilled. A couple of years ago I saw that Erika of Redshirt Knitting had made a Jayne hat and offered a pattern. (Note: Jayne is a super macho, gun toting guy and this hat was made for him by his mother and he loves it and wore it through the whole episode). So an idea started forming in my head, but I was a little nervous to do it all on my own. I got a hold of my friend Denise (rav link), who is also going to the party, and told her about the hats. She was in the same predicament as I was since she had also already picked out her pretty clothes. So I told her about the Jayne hats and she thought they were totally cool too. So we decided to knit them up and go as "Jayne's Girls". As in his fan club. This way we can still wear our pretty clothes and fit the theme!

Here is a shot of the front. Now the trouble came when the guys in our group found out that we were making Jayne hats. All of them wanted one too! They started quoting lines from the episode and offering me bribes. What could I do, but knit hats for them too? Thankfully they are super fast hats to knit on size 11s or 13s. The first one I did on 11s just fits me. So for the guys I knit them on 13s. I have made 4 hats in total now, all over the weekend, and just in time for the party, which is next weekend. I have all of them posted over on Ravelry. I made mine out of Cascade 220. Denise made hers out of peaches & creme because she is a vegan knitter. Each one that I made is slightly different. I will try and make sure to take my camera to the party to get lots of photos. I think it will be simply hilarious for a whole group of us to wear the Jayne hats to the party. Now I just need to add a little bit of straw or raffia to make them completely authentic!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I've been meaning to knit some Jayne hats for years now. I love the idea of going as Jayne's girls. How clever of you to fit the theme *and* be able to dress up in your pretty clothes! I salute you.