Monday, December 22, 2008

Boy Scarves

We are still snowed in:

That is 20" of snow. Blair went out and measured. We are still just fine. The freeway between us and Portland has been closed since Saturday night. We have some friends stuck there, but they are staying with family until things are better. The freeway between here and The Dalles is still open, so Blair can still make it into work. In the mean time I am knitting away for Christmas, though not anything I can show at the moment. I did, however, get a couple of scarves blocked for the Christmas box:

The first one is the Toby Scarf. I don't think I have talked about this one too much. The story of this scarf goes back to a kitty. I made a kitty for a friend of our's son. He totally fell in love with this kitty. He is also a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, including one of the characters named Toby. So he had to name his kitty Toby Cat. Well, then for Christmas I made him a matching hat, which he named Toby Hat. He then insisted that Toby Cat and Toby Hat become a part of his bedtime stories. So they have adventures like going to the zoo and making hats for all the animals. I just think this is awesome. So, when he specifically requested a Toby Scarf I just couldn't argue. This should hopefully keep him warm in all this snowy weather!

The second scarf, which matches the 2nd hat I made last year, is for the other little boy in our group. The yarn is soft malabrigo. The pattern for both of them is a very simply rib, until I either ran out of yarn or it looked long enough. Both are very cuddly and warm for this winter weather.

Lastly, I will leave you with a picture of Soot. She really likes to get out and run all over the upstairs living room, especially since it is so cold out. She is pretty curious about the Christmas tree, but so far has mainly sniffed the ornaments. Plastic table legs and cardboard boxes aren't so lucky! She tries to nibble on them, but is quickly shooed off towards carrot sticks and celery.

I hope everyone else out there is staying warm and dry!


Anonymous said...

Soot looks like he is growing. Don't come to knit at my house on Tuesday...we'll do it after the holidays. Have a great holiday, they talk about cabin fever, those people need to learn to knit! Teri

penny said...

i was thinking about soot earlier today. wow! he got so big.

20" of snow?! wow. I hope you and yours stay safe and I wish you well. {hugs}

Happy Holidays.

knitseashore said...

What an adorable kitty!!!

I hope you and Blair and your families have a very Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I still think that we have you beat as far as snow goes. I'll need to get the yard stick out as well...hmmm, is that why it's called a yard stick!?!

Tina T-P said...

Hi & Merry Christmas! This is my year to give caps and hats to everyone too.

I thought you might like the webiste I just found -

They have some very funny pictures - (go to the 4th page in November for a very funny video.) :-) T.