Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ladybug Baby!

I am finally able to share with you all the awesome sweater that I knit for Destiny's baby!

Isn't it adorable? I think that Destiny might be the only person (besides myself) that I would put this much work into a baby sweater. As a knitter she knows just how much work went into it! First thing she did was turn it inside out and look at all the stranding!

The next thing she did was put it on baby Landon! So very cute! It fits, and I am estimating will probably fit him for another month or so. Of course I completely forgot my camera, but she has promised to post photos on her blog, so I will make sure to mention it here when she does. Currently on her blog you can see some of the other awesome things that people have made for her and the baby. (On the knit blanket I knit the green textured block)

Just to prove that I did actually do my first steek, here is a photo of it! Scary, huh? It was actually very much like doing a button hole. I think next time I will probably use the crochet method. Mainly because my sewing on the machine isn't super straight and I think crocheting would give me better control on such tiny stitches. Still it worked! The pattern also called for little extra flaps knit into the sleeves that fold over and cover the steeks on the inside of the sweater. I thought this was a nice finishing touch to the inside of the sweater.

The pattern is Marihone from Dale of Norway Soft Treasures book, which is currently out of print. The pattern has been reprinted in booklet #152. I used Dale of Norway baby ull, which is a fantastic yarn that I look forward to using again. If you want more info on the pattern, including in progress photos and the exact yarns that I used check out my Ravelry page.


ahousefullofboys said...

Freakin!!! Awesome! Thank you sooooo much for your hard work and thoughtfullness to my little man. I have a photo shoot planned after Cole's bday party madness this weekend. See you soon..

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!

knitseashore said...

That is truly an heirloom sweater. It looks wonderful! It must have been such a fun knit.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is so cute! I can't imagine how much time and patience that took. Are you going to take it back after the baby grows out of it so you can frame it? LOL!!

Amy (kewpiedoll)

Robin said...

I'm playing blogreadingcatchup. This ladybug sweater is gorgeous! Great job!