Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Off & On the Needles

Yes, I still knit! I think for this week we will have a knitting theme, since last week was cooking. In fact next week I think it might be gardening, since we currently have a crew out turning our jungle of a yard into something far more manageable. Anyway, I finally finished my February Lady Sweater (rav link). I really love it! I knit it out of Malabrigo in color 608 Bijou Blue. Malabrigo, as always, was a joy to knit! This pattern was also a joy to knit! So a perfect matchup there. I might even knit it again someday! The only modification I made, was I didn't like how belled the sleeves looked in the pattern, so I eliminated the 7 sts under the armpit. I wish I had completed just one more increase round and it would fit completely perfect. It fits just fine, so I'm not going to worry about it now. Just a note to myself for next time.

After I got done with my sweater project, I felt a quick hat was in order. I finished this (rav link) up for x for a summer hat. It is knit out of Bee Sweet Bambino Taffy in color 881 Salt Water Taffy. The hat only takes one ball of yarn. The pattern is a free one offered by Knot Another Hat with a purchase of the yarn. It currently isn't on Ravelry, but I'll let you know if it gets posted up on there. I modified the pattern by casting on 90 sts, since X's head is bigger than the newborn size it is written for. It fits him perfectly with plenty of room for him to grow into it. So it should fit him all summer and hopefully next summer as well.

Awhile ago a friend of mine asked if I could repair these gloves, since he had worn holes in several of the fingers. I told him I could just as long as he didn't want them back right away. I managed to find a good matching yarn with Cascade Alpaca Lace in color #1417 Indigo. I tried it single and it wasn't thick enough, so I doubled it. All of the repairs are on #0USs. I'm knitting at a slightly tighter gauge than the gloves. My only concern now is that the repairs will outlive the rest of the glove!

Lastly I have cast on an Entrelac Scarf (rav link) as a booth sample, since Black Sheep Gathering is right around the corner! I am knitting this out of my Wool Singles in color Dragon Fire. I love how it is coming together. Entrelac is so peaceful for me to knit because I'm only working on one little square at a time. I love how bright this is turning out too. I think it will make a lovely booth sample. I may have to borrow it this winter to snuggle around my neck!

In shop news: I have a lot of things to put up on the website. I'll probably post on Twitter as I get them posted up. Twitter and Facebook are the fastest ways to find out when new things are put in the shop, so please feel free to follow or like me on either. I may have some posts here on some of the new things I'm adding to the shop. I have some major fun things I'm bringing on just in time for Black Sheep. So stay tuned!

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