Thursday, August 24, 2006

August One Skein Package Received

I am very happy! I received my last One Skein Package yesterday and look at all these goodies:

The last part of the One Skein swap (which most of you probably already know) was to make a one skein project for your pal. The project that she sent me was this gorgeous felted bag. It is a mixture of green Cascade 220 and that lovely white yarn that she sent me in my first one skein package. I have plans for that white yarn and only have to complete one of my on the needles projects to get to work on it. I think I might use it for one of my design prototypes to get general shaping and then do the final project out of imperial wool. I just love working on a new design =)

Anyway, back to the fabulous things that she sent me. She sent me a lovely pencil case that will be perfect for holding more tools. She also has an incredible knack for picking out interesting tools. The one that she sent me this time was a thimble that goes on your index finger and carries two yarns for lovely things like fair isle. I think I can put it to good use on my husbands long abandoned skull socks (I don't have photos of recent progress, but it isn't much), for which he should be very happy. She then sent me the Stitch 'n Bitch Calendar, which I have been eyeing since it came into the shop this last week, and a lovely notepad for taking notes. Last, but certainly not least, she sent me this gorgeous roving that is dyed rainbow colors from one end to the other. I think that I might just have to try out navajo plying again to keep the colors true. I'm thinking about using this roving with the other roving she sent me with July's package to make an interesting welcome mat or rug. Hmm....have to think about that =)

Finally my pal revealed herself to be Highlyn of Ancient Threads Farm & Fiber Mill. Unfortunately they have decided to shutdown their mill because of time constraints. She has sent me some really pretty fiber from there and it will be sad for the fiber community to have lost them as a resource. I don't know her blog yet, but she has promised to email it to me soon and when she does I will make sure to let all of you know.


Ancient Threads said...

I'm glad you enjoyed everything- my blog can be found at

Enjoy the roving! I have lots of all of it left and hope to be spinning up some of it myself this Fall- maybe I'll have some more time then?


So Much Fun said...

Wow, you have such a good one skein buddy, I am jealous...