Monday, July 31, 2006

One Skein

I have been spending the past few days taking care of my sick husband. He feels alright but his tonsils and throat are really sore. Poor baby! So, I am taking care of him and making him rest and drink lots of fluids. One of them being what my mother calls "the whiskey cure" (he he), which he doesn't complain about too much. (And no I am not getting him drunk, it is only a teaspoon of whisky to help his throat). He is feeling a little better today and I am hoping that he will feel his best when I have my girls dye and movie night on Wednesday.

In other news, I got my one skein package yesterday and it is totally awesome. I got a huge box of stuff, which definately looked much larger than a single skein of yarn. Inside were all these goodies: A notebook (which I collect and use for pattern idea books), different colored pens, T-pins, a boye needle gauge, and some yarn. The boye needle gauge is really awesome in that you just set the bottom thingy to 10 sts and it will tell how many stitches to the inch. I just love new gadgets and I am sure that I will put this one to good use. The yarn is from Uruguay, apparently South America (at least where my pal went) isn't very good for yarn, which is sad. The yarn there doesn't have any tags, but it reminds both of us of Malabrigo, which I have been meaning to try out for awhile. It is so soft, just like butteh!

Then my piece de resistance is this lovely roving. My pal owns her very own mill, which is really really cool. My husband and I have thought about opening up a mill, our area could really use one (which is a hint to anyone out there in the area who wants to open one). I put the roving on the scale and there is a little over 7 oz. I am going to have to come up with something interesting to make out of it once it is spun up. There are so many different colors, I just know that it is going to be gorgeous when spun up. Apparently it doesn't felt very well, so I am really going to have to think. Any ideas out there? Anyway, thank you! thank you! one skein pal. I can't wait to find out who she is and perhaps read her blog.

In etsy news, I have more yarn up on my etsy store. I have a couple of small sock yarn skeins up and some more ribbon and whisper yarn. It's a good thing that I am planning on dyeing on Wednesday, just so that I have more supplies. I'll take pics of our party. It should be fun!

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La said...

I wonder, is your "whiskey cure" the same as my "Gammy Harrison's sure-fire cure for what ails ya"?

1 shot whiskey
1 tbsp. honey
1 tbsp. lemon juice
Boiling water

Put whiskey, honey and lemon juice in a high-ball glass. Top off with boiling water. Stir. Drink down as soon as you can possibly stand the heat, and as quick as you can. If it doesn't knock you on your ass in 30 minutes, repeat. (I can say ass here, can't I?)