Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So Much Fun

So, I think my knitting bug might be coming back just an itty bitty bit. My spinning bug is most certainly going strong.

This yarn I finished up yesterday. It is 100% Blue Faced Leicester wool that I handpainted. It is about a DK weight. I named it Rainbow Valley, after the book by L M Montgomery that I read as a child. It was suppose to be down at Knot Another Hat, but Sabrina saw it when it came in and has claimed it for either leg warmers or wrist warmers.

Speaking of Sabrina, I am proud to announce that she is no longer blogless. Woohoo! I strongly advise visiting her site and taking a look at her handknit cupcake ottoman cozy. She enlarged and changed the cupcake pattern from the One Skein book. Did I mention that she has only been knitting from the beginning of May? She is a wonder and I am happy that she has finally decided to join us in blogland.

Finally a knitted item that is complete. The only thing left is to find a bitty button and I think I will leave that for Sarah. This is a store model for Knot Another Hat. It is the Sugar n' Spice pattern from Minnowknits, size year 1. It is knit out of Debbie Bliss Baby Casmerino, which is super nice because it is soft and machine washable.


Annie said...

Lovely colours in your skein of wool.

lorinda said...

Amazing yarn! Good job. I came over from KSKS.