Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dye Day

Monday I spent dyeing plenty of skeins to go up in my etsy store. I added two new colors this time, brown and orange. These two are colors that I generally don't like, but I decided that if I was going to have a full palette that I needed them in the mix. I really enjoyed dyeing with both of them, they added more options. Though the orange was a little garish while it was still wet, but after it had set it toned down to closer to its name of cantaloupe. I just love it and I think I will continue to use both. I also got a black, but I really don't like to use black, so we shall see.

Here is all of the lovelies patiently waiting to be dyed. There is lots of sock yarn, some ribbon yarn, and some novelty that I will talk about in a later post, so stay tuned.

Here is a close up of the ribbon yarn. I just love this yarn. It is all shimmery and soft. It dyes very nicely, so I am very very happy with it.

Here is all the sock yarn all dyed up. I could put up the whole line, but I figure that you get the picture. It is so much fun to experiment with color and see what turns out. It will also be a lot of fun to reskein and see how the colors mix with one another.

Then in my spare time (ha ha), I spun this lovely yarn. To be honest, I don't really like it myself. The color combination is just not me, but somebody out there might just love this baby. It is down at Knot Another Hat and should be on my page on the website shortly. It is 100% merino and it is named Salsa.


peninah said...

YUM. Let me talk to E about it... I just did some stash enhancement (oopsie) .. I love the colors..

sheepshepherdess said...

Beautiful work love all the dye stuff.