Saturday, July 08, 2006

1 Year Anniversary

Last night was the 1 year anniversary of the opening of Knot Another Hat. It's just amazing that it has been a year. I discovered Sarah's shop shortly after she opened and have been there ever since. I just love it.

It was also Sabrina's Grand Opening. She owns So Much Fun, a sporty chic clothing store. I wish that I had taken some pictures, because it was just crazy. We had loads of people and they actually bought things. Most first fridays people don't buy things instead the just wander through and look. We had lots of sales and lots of people interested in classes. I think I might even have a full learn to knit class next week!

To show my thanks to both of these wonderful people my mom and I made up these bags. I filled the bags with goodies. My mom is planning on making up a few to sell at Knot Another Hat, because they are perfect for knitting, since knitting needles won't go through them. This first one is for Sabrina, who has a kitty that loves yarn. She doesn't have a knitting bag yet and she can't take her knitting home with her because her kitty will attack it.

This second bag is for Sarah. Each one of the bags is reversable so we did one side in garden fabric and the other in cherries. Sarah loves cherry things since she grew up surrounded by a cherry orchard. She immediately turned it inside out and used the cherry side out.

As a last note, when I took my sock completely out I had nearly finished the cuff, so it isn't a huge loss. I usually try to decide by the end of the cuff whether to keep going or not, so I don't have to rip out the heel.


Anne said...

Those bags are just wonderful, and I can see where you get your talents from too.
Anneonymouse who is off to south africa in 2 weeks time brrrrr it will be winter.

Knot Another Hat said...

Thanks so much for my wonderful gift. It has been great having your companionship this past year and I look forward to the future! -Sarah