Friday, July 07, 2006

My Knitting Needles Hate Me...

or maybe they realize that I'm not totally in the mood. Who knows? Well, here goes:

My Sherbet sock I had to completely frog. It kept bugging me while I was knitting them that they looked a little wrong. I mean gauge was right from my swatch and they fit alright, they just looked a little funny. Then while I was cleaning up for the 4th I came upon an Addi #2. Which is odd because I should be using both of the 2s for my sock. Then it struck me and I double checked with my needle gauge, I was using a #2 and a #3!!! So, I ripped it all out. I am going to re-cast-on with my Inox 2s, because they are just a bit smaller and I think it will work out better. Besides they are the only Inox needles I own except for a 0, and I think I can tell the difference there.

Next on my knitting mishap list is my darling Sugar n' Spice sweater that I am doing for the shop. When I did my swatch in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I was just a tinsy bit off (like 4.4, instead of 4.5 stitches to the inch). So, Sarah thought that it would be a good idea just to go down a needle size just to be safe. Of course I didn't check gauge again and just went merrily on my knitting way. Well, I have managed to adapt the pattern down to a 6 month size. Since it comes in 1,2, 4, & 6 years, this might be considered an accomplishment. At least it is a store model and not going on a really small 1 year old =).

At least my wheel still loves me. I managed to spin up this lovely yarn and also a bit of something for my one skein pal. I love this yarn because it has rayon slubby pieces in it. I let it go naturally lumpy and I really like the result. I picked this up at Black Sheep. It will be down at Knot Another Hat shortly. I named it Polka, because it seems kinda festive, like a dance, and Polka matched it, like Polka dot. I love it. I've been thinking about taking some of my yarn out of KAH and selling it on etsy, mainly because this town does not appreciate pink, so we shall see.

Tonight is the grand opening of So Much Fun and the 1 year birthday of Knot Another Hat. There is going to be a huge celebration down at the shop, so if you are in the area please stop by and check it out. The celebration is going all weekend too, so if you can't make it tonight, then please come by sometime and check everything out.


Fyberduck said...

Not the *entire* sock! Oh, the agony. Pobre tu :(

kitkatknit said...

Well duh!! I was going to comment that hey I've bought handspun from the same person that you have with the little sheepie on the label. Then I realized YOU are Lavender Sheep!!! WOW oh WOW! I've been buying your handspun when ever I pass through Hood River. I keep some for myself and some I have been giving to my secret pals. I spin and hand dye too and use your wonderful work as inspiration. Keep up the great work.