Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dear Crystal Palace,

I would like to clear up some confusion about my post dated May 7, 2006. Firstly, I am not the owner of Knot Another Hat, Sarah is the owner and happens to have her very own wonderful blog. I am her employee. I teach classes, sell my own yarn, and help customers. I am opinionated, but those opinions do not necessarily reflect those held by Sarah. I do think that your whisper yarn is a very lovely yarn, but that it is poorly displayed, and thus comes across poorly to your customers. While it is in balls, it does not reflect the true beauty of this yarn. The balls are very pretty when they first come, but due to gravity (or something) they tend to collapse internally and look matted. Nobody wants to buy yarn that looks like a small, furry, dead animal. When they are in bunches it is even worse, because they all mat together into one furry heap. I think that the yarn would look much better in skeins, where it could be displayed hung up on dowels or hooks.Then the yarn would retain its nice fuzzy shape and a person could tell one skein apart from another.

My other issue has been color. I originally did not like the color of the off-white, because it has a sort of dirty color to it. This I have remedied by dyeing it myself. I quite enjoy dyeing this wonderful yarn, because it takes dye so well. I think the off-white color may even be growing on me a little. I could totally see mixing it with some other yarn such as dragonfly or even fizz stardust (my absolute favorite!). Overall I love your yarns. I think you have many wonderful products, which I am happy to use. In fact I recently knit up a store model out of whisper (Size 13 needles, 15 sts, one ball of whisper + 1 ball of katia gatsby!). I was really happy with it. I was amazed at the yardage that it had and I have only been sorry that other knitters have not discovered this yarn in the way that I have. Please consider what I have to say, after all my marketing professor said that one of the biggest mistakes that businesses can make is not listening to what their customers have to say. Thank you for your kind attention,

Yvonne Ellsworth

Note to my readers:
Yes, Crystal Palace read my blog (kinda cool I think) way back in May and read the comments that I posted up about their whisper yarn. They somehow thought that it was Sarah who had posted it up and she got into a bit of trouble by the company when she went to order more for me to paint. I wrote this letter to hopefully clarify my position and her's. The one thing that this has got me thinking about is that yarn companies read blogs, which means that if you have a major complaint about a yarn, then voice it. On the other hand, if you love what a yarn company is doing then voice that too. I think it is one way for us, as customers and knitters, to have a say in our yarn. Perhaps we can make a change one skein at a time.

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Anonymous said...

I agree... the yarn does look more temptimg in a hank. Great idea:)

KsKs pal